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2018: Condo

This area of the Triangle is literally dominated by an imposing tower, which should be completed in 2016. The ground floor offers leisure features, but the floors above are intended for 146 affordable rental apartments.

This area of the triangle is literally dominated by an imposing tower, housing 146 affordable rental apartments, which we developed according to a new housing typology (that is, for Dutch people): the condo. A condo is a compact and affordable apartment of about 50 square meters. The apartments are modern and luxuriously finished with quality materials and cleverly arranged, so that all necessary living areas fit in the limited surface.

Public services
Characteristic for the Condo tower is the hotel thought, which comes to life with all kinds of (semi) public services. A communal laundry room for instance, for those who do not want to use a laundry or dry cleaning service. But also a number of guest rooms, a cinema, a cooking studio... All of the planned amenities and services are nice and easy or at least save you a lot of time. It also saves money, because you only pay for the services you actually use.

Club Condo
We're busy developing the Condo tower and all of the amenities that go with it. Would you like to live there? Want to stay informed? Or do you to think along with us? You should become a member of Club Condo!

Ground floor
On the ground floor of the Condo tower will be a lounge where visitors can go for a coffee or a simple meal. This space also functions as a reception for the residents. It's the place where they pick up their dry cleaning or postal parcels, for example. At the base of the building we would like to give Monk Bouldergym a definite home: a climbing gym with changing rooms, office space and limited room for a restaurant or bar.

We're also examining the possibilities for VOLT, an initiative of the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision, the Municipality of Eindhoven and Trudo. VOLT is a centre for creativity and technology in the field of new media. It is an exhibition space, presentation platform, laboratory and catering space. An interactive attraction for a wide audience, but also a place where new applications are developed, presented and tested and where the developments in new media are being reflected.

More information
Learn more about the Condo tower: Home> Living> Condo's @ Condotoren
Learn more about VOLT: www.beeldengeluid.nl/volt

Planned completion in 2015.