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2010: Klokgebouw

With over a 100 entrepreneurs from the creative industries, the Klokgebouw (the building with the huge Philips clock on top) runs at full speed. It's a vibrant, exciting and surprising building. The Klokgebouw is a business complex with workspaces in various price ranges and sizes. But it offers more: the building's features are deployed as ‘quartermasters' in the redevelopment of Strijp-S.

The imposing building with its 30,000 square meters rented workspace houses a collection of different functions. On the side of the ring road, Popei provides rehearsal space and a professional stage to anyone who wants to get started with pop music and dance. Adjacent is ROC's educational centre for (rock) artists. There's also a centre for urban dance. A number of producers of performances and events find a home base in the west side of the Klokgebouw, such as Paaspop and 250K. This is also where the entrance to the gyms is located. They're open throughout the day and evening for a good workout.

Culture halls
Several organizers of festivals, events and concerts now found a wonderful place in the cultural halls on the ground floor of the building. These are fit for 100 to 10,000 visitors.

More information
Learn more about the Klokgebouw at www.klokgebouw.nl