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2013: Leidingstraat

The Leidingstraat (a collection of pipes above street level that used to transport fluids and gas across the Strijp-S area) remains a key element at Strijp-S. The industrial pergola of 550 meters long leads the way and connects different areas within the Triangle. You can wander across it, or sit under it on a comfortable bench or terrace. The Leidingstraat is decorated with urban greenery.

The famous landscaper Piet Oudolf designed the new look of the Leidingstraat. With the High Line in New York, he redeveloped a similar industrial heirloom. The old elevated railway that cuts through the Meatpacking District and Chelsea, has now been transformed into a beautiful public park and is very popular amongst New Yorkers and tourists alike.

Urban greenery and tasteful green additions at focal points along the Leidingstraat, but also innovative lighting makes it an attractive place to be - during the day, but also late at night. The promenade will really be a place that people use and appreciate: a great reason to visit Strijp-S. The street is designed respecting the existing structure and maintaining the raw industrial look. All pipes are therefore retained and repaired only when strictly necessary.

This beautiful urban design is under construction in 2013.