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2012: Machinekamer

Once, the Machinekamer (Engine Room) kept the factories at Strijp-S going, but now it has been transformed into a restaurant and commercial space.

Radio Royaal

Restaurant Radio Royaal offers lunch and dinner on the first floor of the building. The character of this raw industrial site with its impressive installations, engines and pumps, is preserved. The old machines are still exposed in this area.

The ground floor offers retail space and is occupied by three different fashion labels. Eindhoven fashion designer Emily Hermans works there from her studio on her label MLY and runs her first own brand store. Also jeans brand Lois and children's label 4funkyflavours have a store in the old Engine Room.

More information
Radio Royaal; www.radioroyaal.be
The Machinekamer; www.demachinekamer.com