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2015: Veemgebouw

The characteristic Veemgebouw (warehouse) with its rounded corners, directly next to the Beukenlaan (ring road), asks for features that ensure a coming of going of people: not only because of its looks, but certainly because of its strategic place near the entrance of Strijp-S. The ground floor will be a place for food experience, in the broadest sense of the word. Here you can go - stimulated by smells, colours and tastes - on a culinary journey through diverse cultures: watch, eat and drink, taste and buy, be amazed and enjoy.

Food Court

At the Food Court on the ground floor (almost 3,000 square meters) you will find a diversity of food-related wares. You can go there for grocery shopping: fresh baked bread, fruit and vegetables, as well as artisan meats, specialty cheeses, fresh fish, ready-made meals for take out and many exotic delicacies and unknown world products. Obviously there will be room for typical products from the region. Restaurateurs and caterers can cook there throughout the day. What you see is what you eat. Even cooking clinics may take place, or you can just descend to the indoor terrace and simply enjoy the culinary crowd around you.

Parking and dining on the upper floors
The upper 9 floors are an excellent area for the 590 parking spaces that are planned, because of their practical format with supporting columns. Its location, right near the entrance of the Triangle, is ideally suited for this function. It's convenient for the people who live and work at Strijp-S, but also for guests who want to visit the exclusive rooftop restaurant that is planned there: culinary delights with a phenomenal view.

Living on top of the warehouse
We will raise the warehouse with three full floors, where a total of 39 apartments will be constructed around a communal courtyard on the tenth floor. It will have comfortable seating, mature trees and greenery. All apartments will be anything between 60 to 110 square meters. Only one will be larger ... the Rooftop house!

The Veemgebouw will be completed in 2014.

More information
Learn more about living on top of the Veemgebouw at www.wonenophetveem.nl.